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ServiceDriver™ Testimonials & Reviews

What ServiceDriver™ Clients Say

Learn from our current and previous customers on what they think of our services and software solution.
Gary has been personally responsible for producing millions of dollars of additional gross profit for over 20 years in my organization. There is nobody better, I highly recommend Gary and his professional staff.

M.J. Vaughn Laguna Niguel

Truly the best in the industry. We have worked with Gary for over 20 years in our dealership. A true professional that will maximize customer retention and bottom line net profits. Nobody better!

A.J. Patterson - Dealer operator/ General manager

San Francisco Honda, San Francisco, California
Gary has assisted me for 20 years in maximizing the true income potential in my service departments. I am consistently a top performer in all my fixed ops industry composites, thanks to Gary, nobody better in the industry than Gary.

Robert Kelly

New York City, Country
His approach to evaluating and managing fixed ops is brilliant. I have learned more about fixed ops from Gary than everybody else combined in 35 years.

Don Mushin - Dealer operator / General manager

Toyota of Hollywood, Hollywood , California
Override the digital divide with additional clickthroughs from DevOps. Nanotechnology immersion along the information highway will close the loop on along the information focusing solely on the bottom line.

Marry Devolis

Minda Director

Full Service and Flexible Menu Selling System

Our flag ship menu is 100% compliant with the manufacturers maintenance recommendations and provides the dealer with the ability to also present dealer and local recommendations. All or our menus are custom priced for the individual dealer with your labor times and rates and your parts pricing. This is a fully supported Cloud Based product that is maintained by ServiceDriver®.

ServiceDriver® is a full-service provider of solutions for service department productivity, revenue reporting and unique client-specific applications. Simply put, we can do it all; from serving a single-franchise automobile dealer, to designing, developing and hosting a robust service department solution for a manufacturer’s network of franchised dealers.

We put the web's best sales content on your site, including factory-recommended scheduled maintenance and your preferred products and services. These, coupled with extensive service advisor training insure productivity, revenue enhancement, increased paid labor hours and accurate reporting.

Each partnership is customized, so you won't get a package that makes your content look like every other site. We work with you to create the perfect solution that meets your dealership’s needs and that satisfies your business objectives.

There are three key components to the ServiceDriver® solution that helps us create the best web-based selling solution possible for your organization.

Integration To Fit Your Need

We've been working with the top dealerships in the US since 1982, so we've mastered just about every type of fixed operations problem. We can design, create and host your service department web-based menu selling system, train your service department personnel, analyze and fine-tune your fixed operations and anything in between. We truly offer a full service solution.

World Class Products

ServiceDriver® also offers fundamental tools such as the Virtual ServiceDriver, CustomSolutions, FixedOps Solutions Seminar, and others. We offer customized data tools including quotes, charts, manpower analysis, watch lists, earnings models, technician reviews and many more.

Designed to Acommodate Your Specific Environment, Dealership Brand and Market Area

Because of our flexible infrastructure, we can create unique web pages for your service menus that draw from a robust data set of over 15 automotive market indicators plus a myriad of other enhanced data tools. We constantly monitor the changing environment of the transportation service industry and adjust our concepts and solutions to fit the marketplace. Our MenuBuilder Module has the ability to update your service menus when parts prices, labor costs or revenue objectives change quickly and efficiently.